Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

The Pye Mk5 camera is similar to the Mk4 camera but it is larger and uses the 4.5 inch Image Orthicon Tube. The design used valves extensively with few if any semiconductors.

The motor driven turret is very strong to take the largest of TV88 mount prime lenses or a zoom lens could be fitted. The turret is cone shaped so as to take a wide range of different focal length lenses with out interference.

The camera is well thought out and solidly built but perhaps not quite up to date as the plug in units are constructed on traditional chassis rather than printed circuit boards. This leads to a slightly larger camera than it's rivals.

Camera body:-

Page 01 Camera front view #1
Page 02Camera front view #2
Page 03Camera open, tube side.
Page 04Camera front and rear
Page 05Camera open, cable side.
Page 06Camera open, side hinged out..
Page 07CCU side and rear views.
Page 08PSU side and rear views.
Page 09Control Panel
Page 10Viewfinder tube
Page 11Viewfinder Periscope Hood
Page 12Camera serial number plate
Page 13Spare
Page 14Spare
Page 15Spare
Page 16Spare
Page 17Spare
Page 18Spare
Page 19Spare
Informal Pictures:-
Page 20 Pye Mk5 BBC camera on Vinten pedestal
Page 21 Pye Mk5 camera in in second use
Page 22Pye Mk5 camera in student TV service
Page 23Pye Mk5 cameras at ATV Studios, Elstree, UK
Page 24Pye Mk5 camera for ATV Studios, Elstree, UK
Page 25Pye Mk5 camera, early version
Page 26Spare
Page 27Spare
Page 28Spare
Other items:-

Extra pages:-
Page 29BICC Mk4b Camera cable data (this line is an 8 page spur, returns to here.)
Page 30 Image Orthicon tube data (this line is an 9 page spur, returns to here.)


84 2131 Camera Brochure


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