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Visual VP3 Television Camera

Visual Mk10 Television Camera

Bill Wolfe writes:-

I was surprised to find a listing for the Visual Mk10. These cameras seem to have vanished not only from the face of the earth, but also from people's memories. I was beginning to think that I had imagined them.
This was one of the first cameras I operated while I was still a student at UCLA. Here's a picture from the studio of the Academic Communication Facility at UCLA in 1971.
The cameras were there in 1968 when I arrived and were in use until 1972 when they were replaced by TK60s that came from ABC. Strange that we would be replacing B&W cameras with older B&W cameras in 1972, but educational television has always been 10 years behind the rest of the video world.
I was told that the Visuals came from KTTV in LA. I know that KHJ in LA was still using Visuals on the air in 1969. These cameras had a fiberglass sheath that came in colors. There was gray, red(!) and black. Ours were blue.
The camera was basically a spectacular Angenieux 10:1 zoom lens, connected to a very mediocre 3" IO camera.

The lens and its controls were a joy to operate.      (the CSF designed "monoknob" :ed)