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1933 RCA experimental Iconoscope Television Camera and tube

1933 RCA experimental Iconoscope Television Camera and tube

This is an early RCA Iconoscope camera, possibly from about 1933 although information is scarce. It has a interesting viewfinder using the method were the image focused on the tube mosaic can be viewed directly through a mirror arrangement.

The bulge on the side of the camera accommodated the odd shape of the early tube. The bulge enabled the insertion and support of the mosaic plate. Later tubes are different in shape and construction.
The camera operated with 343 lines, 30 frames interlaced. (in 1934 field tests)(1)

Progress in the number of scanning lines was rapid during this early period, moving from 60lines to the 441line standard.


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It's similarity of appearance to the first Marconi-EMI camera is remarkable.



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