Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

EMI Prototype Emitrom television cameras

Two prototype EMI Emitron cameras

On the left is an early 1934 prototype. It was used demonstrate all electronic television to the Selsdon committee in 1934 to 1936. It was modified to run on 405 lines, interlaced, in January 1935. Of note is the camera cable which looks to be fixed, before the introduction of the camera cable connector.

On the right is a slightly later camera in a more "finished" casing, but still without viewfinder. These first cameras had only a peephole which gave a view of the mosaic.
Later a rangefinder gunsight similar to that used on still cameras was used.


In various pictures the camera is often pictured being operated by Mr. Bernard Greenhead.


Finally a twin lens system with parallax correction image on a ground glass screen was introduced, the 1936 camera. Ref:- BBC Engineering Monograph No. 39 October 1961.

It's similarity in appearance to the first RCA Iconoscope camera is remarkable.