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Pye Mk3 Television Camera early versions

Pye Mk3 Television Camera early versions

The Pye Mk3 camera did not spring into life, fully completed. In the early 1950s the manufacture of Image Orthicon cameras was a new and at the cutting edge of technology.


These pictures show an early camera as supplied to the BBC. The differences are:-

• Use of the early BICC Mk2 camera cable (see also later picture # 33)

• Push button turret control switch

• No lower side ventilation

• No top cue light, two lights of camera front instead

• The top carrying handles, have a "gunsight" ring that could be used to frame the picture

• There would also have been continual improvements to the circuitry.

The developmnet cameras had a Cannon Cannon LK-R24C-22 connector.