The Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera

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Iconoscope Camera 1939

2 tube Colour Camera 1964

Colour Camera

Colour Camera

RCA TK41 Colour Camera 1957

RCA TK41 Colour Camera 1957 #2

Toshiba Colour Camera
type 30WM-71

Toshiba Colour Camera type 12PS-71

Toshiba Colour Camera type 30WM-72

Ikegami Colour Camera

Ikegami Colour Camera type NM-81C

3D Hi Vision HD camera

Pye Mk3 3 inch Image Orthicon (GPL) Link

Pye Mk3 3 inch Image Orthicon (GPL) Link

A 3 inch Image Orthicon Camera


NEC camera model unknown

Transistorised lightweight Camera c . 1959

A view of the NHK Museum

Ikegami HL-33 Camera c. 1975

Monochrome camera with 4.5inch I.O. tube

Helecopter mounted camera

NHK camera mounted on a robotic pan & Tilt head

NHK small colour camera mounted on a OB van





Super Hi-Vision 8K camera

Super Hi-Vision 8K camera