Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkIX Television Camera Head Amplifiers

Marconi MkIX Television Camera Head Amplifiers

This camera, serial number 105, is in good condition with low hours. It has early features, and may not have seen active broadcast service.


(A) No fan is installed nor is it's wiring present. No "Lantern" ventilation, although serial number 104 has the Lantern ventilation. See note on page 2 about PSU temperature!

(B) Two of the head amplifiers Blue (rear) and Green (front) but without the overall shielding box.

(C) This is the MkVIII focus speed changing gearbox, none standard for the MkIX and not on the other cameras.

(D) Fitted to all cameras, this is the lens safety catch. It has to be operated before the lens can be removed.