Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkVIII Television Camera

Marconi MkIX Television Camera

This is an earlier camera, serial number 114. Note the grey stripe and lack of the "Lantern" vent behind the main front handel.


Neil Friday writes:- "In Mk IX days, bravado by the development department said that a
camera head fan was not necessary. After burning several engineers fingers from removing the camera head power supply, whilst touching the driver transistors, it was replaced with a facility of temperature dependant switch. The overall camera power consumption of the MK VIII and MKIX was very similar. However I do remember at a Granada TV drama production in Manchester, when visiting shortly after they had taken delivery of some, that their audio engineers complained about the noise of the fans, and we had the fans switched off for the close shots needed.
" Source = Marconi in television


This camera is fitted with a Varotal XXVI lens.