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Many of the cameras that are in the collection have parts missing, and I am always pleased to acquire new items for the collection.

My Wanted list of difficult items!

Master wanted list TV (pdf)

Lenses Wanted
Lens to fit Thompson 1640 (B4 mount) and Viewfinder.
Correct Lens for Link 130
Kodak “Ectar” 35mm. Cine lens with screw thread. Fits early RCA & Marconi cameras.
Angenieux 15x12.5D lens Servo and controls fits LDK15
Focus servo for Schinder lens 44.02 (LDK14) & cable also Zoom servo extension cable.

Oddments Wanted

Small viewfinder for Bosch Fernseh KCR40 portable camera circa 1972-6
Any bits for IVC 7000P. esp. the "chest brace"
LDK15 monocular Viewfinder and View/finder mounting arm
LDK25/15 Norelco “Round” interconnect cables for CCU/PSU/OCP
LDK25/15 Norelco CCU linear signals in/out connector
Line Scan unit for Marconi Mk5 camera
Chest brace for Marconi MkIX portable camera.
Interesting old Microphones.
F & G camera cable to fit Philips LDK3s. (short length)
CCU Cards for EMI 201 camera or any other parts. Channel is now about 95% compete.

connector for BBC OBA8I seek some connectors for the WWII BBC OBA8 sound mixer.
These are 7 pin round aluminium bodied, just over 1” in Diameter.
They are very old, circa 1939, and not at all common.
If you think you can help I will email/post a better picture.






This is the top part of an BBC OBA9 sound mixer that I wish to add to the collection. any info gratefully received.




Any small parts that belong to Broadcast Cameras to help with restoration, cue domes, handles, knobs, etc. All spares are of use and are stored with the cameras that they belong to.
Utah Scientific Matrix. PC control software for this matrix and Eprom details/information or spares.
Barco “CVS” 37cms and 51cms monitors & extender PCB and any modification details.
Has anyone any details of the Paltex VT remote control system over a single co-ax cable? Circa 1983.
Pye 2788 14”valve mono picture monitors circa 1963. These are the ones with fold down modules on either side. For restoration of 1963 outside broadcast van project.

Books & Magazines Wanted For research into camera data & info
Books, documents, catalogues, service handbooks relating to Early TV broadcasting 1935 to 1980 (not domestic receivers).
"Communications and Broadcasting" also "Sound and Vision" magazine, published by Marconi Company.
BBC Year books 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, 55, 56, 88, 89. Monographs, documentation.
RTS Journals (Royal television Society) 1948 to 1953 + 1956 to 1961.
RCA Review 1945 to about 1965.
SMPTE journals 1945 to 1965.

Copy of the IBE article for the TK-76 March 1976

I do have a number of duplicate books to offer in exchange.

Equipment Handbooks wanted
Philips PM5524 TV Modulator, PM5640 TV test gen.
Sony VO9850 U-Matic, VO8800 U-Matic service H/B
MOD Test Set CT491 TDR cable refectometer tester
Tek 7904, 7A26, 7B80,
GML MTG205 digital test signal generator.
System Video 1407, 1458, 2468.

EMI 204 colour camera from about 1963
Marconi Image Orthicon Colour Circa 1955 –1965
Philips LDK6, Philips LDK11, Philips LDK12, Philips LDK13.
Pye (CBS) PCP 90 minicam.
PYE Mk6 Broadcast TV camera wanted or any parts thereof any condition considered.Pye Mk6Pye Mk6 camera
RCA TKP 45, RCA Hawkeye HC-1
Thompson any early camera
Bosch any early camera especially portables

General Radio
Mounting tray for BC348 RX. and original 200ohm pot for dial dimmer.
Aircraft wireless from the 1940 and 1950s.
Mounting trays for Marconi AD7092 DF set or any parts thereof.
STC aircraft radio type STR18, mounting trya sought and any spares?.

Brian Summers Phone (+44) 01276 677879 mobile (+44) 077 402 91191

Page updated August 2012