Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Transit case for Image Orthicon Tubes

Transit cases for Image Orthicon tubes

Image Orthicon tubes are large, fragile and were extremely expensive.

The case on the left was made by the Marconi company for 4.5 inch tubes. The interior is well padded to hold the tube firmly in place and the base is heavy to reduce the risk of it falling over. On the right is the same design but for 3 inch tubes.

In the centre is a shipping box, designed to keep the tube upright. If by any mischance the tube was inverted there was a risk that any spurious debris particles in the tube could fall and damage the target, thus rendering the tube useless for broadcast purposes.


On the box corner is a small window that had a device ( funnel & ball ) that indicated if the box and tube had been inverted. In this case you were required to refuse delivery and the tube would go back the the manufacturer for re inspection.