Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

RCA TK-76 television camera 270° view

RCA TK-76 television camera side view of the "C" version
The TK-76 was developed to the:-
TK-76B and the TK-76(B) camera was incorporated into the TK-760 studio camera housing.
TK-76C and the TK-76(C) camera was incorporated into the TK-780 studio camera housing.

In October 1975 the RCA TK-76 was priced at less than $35,000. (advert, Broadcast engineering)
In March 1978, RCA announced the sale of the 1000th. TK-76. (Text, Broadcast engineering)


Identifying the versions:-

TK76(A) had the VTR pushbutton on the handle.

TK76B had the VTR button moved to the lens.

TK76C had a thinner less angular handle and was lighter in weight.