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RCA TK42 Television Camera

RCA TK42 Television Camera

The TK-42 uses a separate high resolution I.O. tube for luminance, claimed to give compatible pictures equal to the best monochrome cameras. The three vidicon's providing the colour information. It was fully transistorized except for the high voltage components. The Lens was built-in and had 4 range extenders that gave a total range of 1.6 to 40 inches. There are a large number of set up controls behind a panel at the rear of the camera.

It is interesting to note that RCA was successfully selling this camera as late as 1965 onwards in the face of the competition from Philips Plumbicon cameras. BS.


RCA camera site (external link)
BBC Report number T-134 on the TK42 (external link)
EMI separate Luminance Camera EMI in the UK, used a similar 4 tube arrangement in 1963.



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