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1936 RCA-NBC Television Camera

1936 RCA-NBC Television Camera inside views

On the left is a rear view of the camera with the casing raised up. The older style Iconoscope tube can be seen with the twin lenses just above it.


On the right is the inside of a later version with the developed version of the Iconoscope tube, this is probably an RCA type 1849. Note the bias light fitting at the edge of the shield and the video preamplifier stages. The camera is a production version as indicated by the serial number plate alongside the tube.

It is reported (1.) that six camera chains were provided in the NBC New York City studios.



1. There is a detailed description of this camera in "Principles of Television Engineering" by Donald G. Fink, pages 388 to 418 pub McGraw-Hill in 1940.


2. "Television" by V. K. Zworykin & G.A. Morton, pub John Wiley, 1940 pages 567 to 578.


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