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Pye Range 70 Telecine camera

The Pye Range 70 Telecine camera.

On the left is the film projector cubical, one of the Philips range, and on the right is the Pye designed 4 Plumbicon telecine camera based on Pye Mk7/8 components from the “Range 70” system. It had much in common with the 842111 caption camera.

In 1968 2 were sold to the BBC at Alexandra Palace for the opening of the colour service, and that 10 were scrapped by Pye after the Philips takeover as they (Philips) supported their 3 tube designs.

I also understand that this was the final product of the Pye broadcast camera line.

Other cameras in the "Range 70" line by Pye:-
Mk8 monochrome TK camera, Mk7 monochrome IO studio camera.



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