Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Pye Mk8 television camera type LDM42 848090

Pye Mk8 television camera type LDM42 848090
This is the later version of the Pye Mk8, it is different in a number of ways. The camera was developed to use a separate mesh Plumbicon, type XQ1020, with an integral 10:1 zoom lens system. The camera cable connector was changed to a Cannon MS3106F-28-21, the CCU and PSU were reduced to one rack unit and simplified. The “pulse check test signal” was discontinued. The camera was marketed under the Philips number LDM42.

This picture is courtesy of Ian Stimson who is the owner. It is serial number 39.
Two cameras were bought as a pair by TVW-7 Perth.
They were used as News Studio back up and were the last B/W cameras purchased by that company .