Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

This camera made by Pye in 1963 to an exacting BBC outside broadcast specification TV96. It was a remarkable and heavy beast! These cameras were built for the new, in 1963, outside broadcast fleet of 10 MCR’s (mobile control rooms). They were initially deployed at the Palace of Arts, Wembley in London and then to Kendal Avenue as the BBC OB base moved there. They were also deployed at the television regional bases around the country. Each MCR had 4 cameras with provision for a fifth camera. I am not sure how many cameras were made but I have heard it was 52. 4 for each MCR plus a spare and 2 for the Roving Eye. As far as I know they were not used elsewhere, three are known to survive. ( I would be very pleased to learn if there are any other survivors. )

Page 01 Pye Mk6 Image Orthicon Television Camera.
Page 02 Pye Mk6 side view with annotations.
Page 03 Pye Mk6 front view with annotations.
Page 04 Pye Mk6 side open with annotations.
Page 05 Pye Mk6 CCU & PSU partially open.
Page 06 Pye Mk6 OCP.
Page 07 Pye MCR (Mobile Control Room) & 4 cameras.
Page 08 Pye Mk6 side open.
Page 09 Pye Mk6 side view.

Page 10 Pye Mk6 side view with big lenses.

Page 11 Pye Mk6 rear view with script holder.

Page 12 Pye Mk6 imposing front view.

Data Sheet

The Pye TVT Story by Richard Ellis, page 154. ISBN 18934017X

Informal picture 1 Pye Mk6 at Henley Regatta 1964
Informal picture 2 Pye Mk6 at the coast
Informal picture 3 Pye Mk6 at the Palace of Arts, Wembley, c.1963-4

Informal picture 4 Pye Mk6 at the Boat Race,
Informal Picture 5 Pye Mk6 on the cover of Practical Television April 1964


Broadcast Television Technology Trust, MCR21 restoration project.



Pye Mk6 842115 Camera Handbook, Vol. 1