Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkIX cameras "used By" List

The camera Marconi MkIX B3265

Link 101 camera similar to the 105 camera

Anglia Television, the UK ITV franchise holder for East England.
Marconi supplied 11 camera chains to them in the summer of 1978. 4 for use on OB's and 7 for use in studios.
Report in Communications & Broadcasting Vol. 4 No.3

LWT ordered 5 for studio One.

Southern Television.
Marconi supplied 3 and 1 MkIXp
to be installed in their outside broadcast truck.

COFAA in Mexico
Oordered 6 MkIXB to go with the 3 MkIX that they already have, these will be upgraded to B state.

BBC Scotland
3 MkIX with 15:1 zoom lenses in their studio B, reported in "video" march 1982.

TVS (television south)

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