Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkV camera B3100

Marconi MkV Television Camera B3100

The Marconi MkV camera is completely solid state apart from the EHT rectifiers, stabilizers and the Image Orthicon camera tube.

The 7" tilting viewfinder, B3128, is used on the MkV, MkVI, MkVII, and with some modifications on the MkVIII and MkIX cameras. It has a high brightness of 2150 lumens and can resolve over 600 lines. It has proved to be reliable in service considering they are all at least 50+ years old now. Some of the early CRTs have a defect with the tube faceplate bonding. This leads to spots and blemishes between the tube and the front glass.

BICC Mk4b camera cable