Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkI Television Camera twin views

Marconi MkIB Television Camera twin view type TA111302 & TB111302

Two views of the Marconi Mk1B. The black stripe on the viewfinder and turret is a later addition, They all should be the main body colour. The Lenses are not the correct ones either, they are a few years younger, from the Marconi MkIII era. The Museum would like to obtain the correct lenses which are from the late 1940s 35mm. film industry.

On this MkIB camera there was no remote control of the lens Iris, so on outside work the cameraman would have been continually correcting the exposure.

The MkIB camera had a number of minor improvements, most noticeable is the change from a big knob to the "Beer Handle" for the focus control. (see page 17)

The "Taking" lens is the top middle position.