Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera


Wireless World, September 1963 on page 425, mentions a Marconi 4 tube with 3 vidicons and a "new" plumbicon.


Paul Marshall states :-
" I have an internal MWTCo. / EEV review booklet dated 9th July 1963 entitled: 'Colour Demonstration to European Broadcasting Union', giving the venue as the Lime Grove studios. This details some 625 NTSC tests using four Marconi cameras:

a) A Standard three-tube 3" IO RGB camera (the BD848, I assume). Yes, the BBC had two of these - hence the two CCU stations. That's the same model as the one I got going for the Science Museum (NMPFT, as was, now NMM) exhibit at IBC. One day I'll post the recordings I took from that beast. It was surprisingly good.

b) Experimental three-tube 4.5" IO RGB camera (I had heard about this beast from a Marconi Dev Eng colleague). It would probably have run on the same PSU/CCU as the 3" version. I'd love to see a photo of that one! 

c) A four-tube camera using a 4.5 in IO and 3 vidicons - I guess similar to what RCA was playing with at the time.

d) A three-tube 3" IO camera but YRB, not RGB, a modified BD848, I guess"


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