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The Link 130 camera is a full specification for studio or outside broadcast use. It has three plumbicons type XQ3427. It has full automatic line-up and may be used on Triaxial cable to a length of 1500 metes from the base station. It has radio operation or standalone operation modes. A companion portable camera, the Link/NEC100 was offered.

Camera body:-

Page 01Camera front view.
Page 02Camera rear view.
Page 03 Camera front view without lens.
Page 04Camera front view without lens.
Page 05Camera side connection panel.
Page 06Camera rear control panel.
Page 07Camera side view.
Page 08Camera side open with PCBs.
Page 09Camera colour separation block.
Control panels:-
Page 10Master control panel
Page 11Camera OCP
Page 12CCU front
Page 13CCU rear
Page 14spare page
Page 15spare page

Other items:-
Link/NEC 100 camera

Extra pages:-
Page 32 spare page
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Zerb Spring 1983

RTS April 1986


A full set of camera handbooks ( nine volumes ) is held in the Library and a copy of the BBC Camera Evaluation Report 1984/10 July/August 1984.

Prototypes were sent to Israel, Sweden and Austrailia but due to the collapse and bankruptcy of of Link no sales were completed. The evaluation models used were recalled.

Survivors List:-

About 7 are thought to survive.





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