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Year of design : 1974

Cost (1976) Camera : £24,000. Varotal 30 lens : £ 14,000

Weight Inc lens : 54Kg 120Lbs.


The link 110 represents the second generation of colour studio cameras and the first produced by Link Electronics. The advanced optical block was designed by the BBC research department and Rank Precision Optics. The camera uses a 36 way camera cable, type TV36, by combining several functions onto some cores the number required is reduced. The 3 lead oxide tubes are 25mm anti comet-tail with integral mesh and light bias.

The camera uses (for 1974) a switch mode head PSU and extensive CMOS logic.
Thames TV, who bought eight, complained about poor mechanical design, particularly in the tube mounting area.


Camera body:-

Page 01Camera front view
Page 02Camera rear view
Page 03 Camera front side view
Page 04Camera cable side open
Page 05Camera Electronics side open
Page 06Camera in operation #1
Page 07CCU front
Page 08CCU rear

Lens systems:-
Page 09Varotal 30 Lens for the Link 110 #1
Page 10Varotal 30 Lens for the Link 110 #2

Page 11 Informal picture

Page 12
Page 13
Page 14 spare pages
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Other items:-

Extra pages:-
Page 34 TV36 camera cable details (this line is a spur, returns to here)



2 page standard Brochure

6 page colour Brochure




Restoration and preservation:-

A number of cameras survive in private hands. TVcameramuseum has two!
Between 150 to 200 were made.


E-Mails received:-


Used by:-

BBC used large numbers and they moved them around between studios as upgrades dictated.

TC6 1977

TC7 1979 to 1992
TC8 1978 to 1991 fitted with Link 110 cameras with Schneider lenses (much nicer than Varotals)

Pres. A ~~ 1980

Pres. B ~~ 1980

CMCR 17 (Scot one outside broadcast van)

CMCR 18 (Scot two outside broadcast van)

Open University studio 1, 4 cameras, previously at AP.

Lime Grove Studios D, 4 cameras and studio E in 1981 and 1982 respectively.


In 1977 Thames TV refitted studios 5 & 7 at Euston with 8 Link 110 studio cameras. These have the new generation of Philips XQ1080 anti-comet tail integral mesh tube with light bias.


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