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I have a few books and magazines for exchange or trades for something on the wanted list.

Equipment Handbooks available for exchange or sale.

Tektronix 1750 W/F Mon Service as new
Grass Valley 200 Mixer handbooks 3 vols. as new.
Grass Valley 9560 PAL ref. Generator H/Book
Barco CM33 colour monitor service h/b as new
Barco CM22 colour monitor service h/b as new

Tek 1730 series Waveform monitor
Tek 529 Waveform monitor
Tek 521A Vectorscope

Calrec circuits. A quantity of loose drawings for calrec audio modules.

Leitch 6800series Serial Distribution Products
Leitch DAC-5000 Digital Analogue Clocks
Broadcast Tek TG4010 ITS Genertor
Glensound GS-OSC001 AF Oscillator
Quantel DFS 1751 Digital Frame store PAL synchronizer
For-A CSS4200 Colour Corrector
Ikegami TM10-19RP Colour Monitor
Ikegami PM454 Monitors, 4 in a rack
Pro-Bel 6322 High Density vision switcher
Pro-Bel 3U Rack Frames

Sony BVM-8044 Colour Monitor
Sony BVV-5PS Betacam Recorder
Sony BVV-5PS Ops manual
Sony BVW-15P vol.1 Betacam Player
Sony BVW-15P vol.2 Betacam Player
Sony BVX-D10 Colour corrector
Sony BVV-5PS vol.2 Betacam recorder

Ampex VR7003 Tape Recorder (very poor condition)
GVG 9569 PAL reference generator

Elec. Visuals EV1629 Colour monitor, widescreen


WW bound volume 75 Red -- 1969 £8.50
Electronic Engineering Vol 37 Red -- 1965 £7.50
Lighting , Philips, 1962,
VHF Handbook, USA, early poss 1950s.

Brimar Radio & Tube data No.6 poor condition

Journals for exchange

Communications and Broadcasting, Marconi, spring 1978. available for exchange.
“Marconi Instrumentation” booklets Vol 10 No. 1 and 3 + Vol. 13 No. 1 available for exchange.
RTS Journals Vol.... 8 No. 11 Vol. 10 No. 11 and Vol. 11 Nos. 2 & 9. Exchange only.


Because of the cost and difficulties of international postage these items are only available to the UK.

Page updated Feb 2017