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EMI separate luminance experimental camera

EMI separate luminance experimental camera

A report about the EMI 4 tube separate luminance colour camera demonstrated to the BBC and the EBU delegates was given in the August 1963 journal of the Brit. IRE page 107 &108. It said the 4 ½ inch IO was used for the luminance and three 1 inch Vidicons were used for the chrominance signals.

Built in six weeks from a standard 4½ inch Image Orthicon camera (EMI203?) and an industrial camera (EMI204?) The Vidicons, type 10667SC, used the light not required by the stopped-down luminance Image Orthicon tube, type 9565.

The lens is a Varotal III, built into into the body of the camera in a folded arrangement.

A BBC research department report No. T-132 deals with the comparisons between different colour cameras.

A description of the work done by EMI, Marconi and RCA was published in "International TV Review" November 1963, by Charles Taylor FRSA.

It is said that the experience gained from this camera led to the development of the EMI 2001 camera.

RCA also used this 4 tube arrangement. See TK42



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