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The EMI 2005 camera was first shown at the International Broadcasting Convention 1970. It uses 3 x 30mm. lead oxide tubes and it has an electrical design closely based on the EMI 2001/C which was an adaptation of the successful EMI 2001 camera. The 2005 incorporates tube bias lighting, with standard or HOP tubes. The components and PCBs are similar in shape and design to the 2001 camera family.

"The camera produces pictures of very good quality and the colorimetry is similar to the EMI 2001, although possibly slightly inferior in the reproduction of facial tones. It is suggested that an improvement in this area could be achieved by optimising the matrix coefficients for a 3 tube camera and possibly by using a red sensitive tube. The camera is capable of very good registration and with the use of the type 2119 auto centering unit should enable constant accurate registration". From a report dated April 1971

IndexEMI 2005
Page 01 EMI 2005 Television camera LH. side view.
Page 02 EMI 2005 Television camera LH. side open view.

Page 03 EMI 2005 Television camera front 3/4 view.
Page 04 EMI 2005 Television camera front 1/4 view.
Page 05 EMI 2005 Television camera left side open view.
Page 06 EMI 2005 Television camera viewfinder and rear controls.
Page 07 EMI 2005 Television camera rear open view.
Page 08 EMI 2005 Television camera lens right hand side.
Page 09 EMI 2005 Television camera lens left hand side.
Page 10 EMI 2005 Television camera lens mounting rear view.
Page 11 Operational control panels (OCP)
Page 122005 CCU type 2216 front view
Page 13 2005 CCU type 2216 with door open.
Page 142005 CCU type 2216 rear view with connectors.
Page 15 2005 PSU type 2201/1 front view
Page 162005 PSU type 2201/1 inside view
Page 17 2005 PSU type 2201/1 rear view
Page 18The TV-81 camera cable used by the EMI 2005

Informal pictures

Page 19
An EMI 2005 in use at the BBC.

Page 20 Three EMI 2005 in service at NBN3 studios, Newcastle Australia.

Page 21 Equipment bays at NBN3 studios

Page 22 Outside Broadcast EMI 2005 at NBN3
Page 23 EMI 2005 off screen picture

Additional Equipment

Page 30 EMI 2119 Auto Centering unit for the 2005 Television Camera
Page 31 EMI Colour coder, twin unit, type 778
Page 32 EMI Stabilising Amplifier unit type 772

Brochure issue 1 Early brochure
Brochure issue 4 Late brochure
Data-sheet Specifications and description
ATV Ltd. report ATV Network Ltd. Camera evaluation

Vol 1 Camera type 2005, TL1797 Instruction Manual,
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