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EMI 2001 4 integral mesh tubes announced 1967

EMI 2001/1 4 separate mesh tubes & fet head amplifiers
EMI 2001B 4 separate mesh tubes, joint marketing by IVC & Thomson, c. 1969

EMI 2001C 3 separate mesh tubes, joint marketing by IVC & Thomson, c. 1969

EMI 2002 A special version for use as a telecine camera announced 1969.

The prototype 2001 was developed during 1966 and the production model available early 1967.

LWT, London Weekend Television placed an order for 22 EMI 2001 cameras, for both studio and OB work, in 1968. ref; PTW.
Andrew Vale reports that the EMI 2001 was used extensively by the studios of LWT and was used on "Upstairs Downstairs" " On the Buses", "Please Sir" etc.

EMI and IVC (International Video Corp.) announced a Joint agreement to market the EMI 2001 camera in the USA. Both 3 and 4 tube versions to be offered. ref; PTV March 1969.
The EMI 2001 was also sold by Thomson-CSF as the TH.T 2001

ACT and the EMI 2001/1. As supplied by EMI the 2001 and the later 2001/1 did not have any form of ACT (anti comet tail) or HOP (highlight overload protection). This is why its performance was poor, in this respect, when compared with the next generation of cameras supplied in the 1970s. None of the first generation of true broadcast cameras in the middle to late 1960’s had ACT, so the EMI 2001 was not unusual.

Page 01EMI 2001 Camera 45° view
Page 02EMI 2001 Camera 180° view
Page 03 EMI 2001 Camera lens
Page 04EMI 2001 Camera lens sans cover
Page 05EMI 2001 Camera CCU
Page 06EMI 2001 Camera CCU, front panel open
Page 6A EMI 2001 Camera CCU rear panel
Page 07EMI 2001 Camera Power Supply Unit
Page 08EMI 2001 Camera PSU front panel open
Page 09EMI 2001 Operational control and colour balance panels
Page 10EMI 2001 Camera Viewfinder
Page 11 EMI 2001 Camera Viewfinder sans case 1
Page 12EMI 2001 Camera Viewfinder sans case 2
Page 13EMI 2001 Camera Splitter Block
Page 14EMI 2001 Camera Lens Hood 1
Page 15EMI 2001 Camera Lens Hood 2
Page 16EMI 2001 Camera head cable side open
Page 17EMI 2001 Camera head side open
Page 18EMI 2113 Aperture Corrector page 1
Page 19EMI 2113 Aperture Corrector page 2
Page 20 EMI 2118 Auto Centering unit
Page 21 EMI 2001 Special Adjuster Tool

Page 22 Spare Page
Page 23 EMI 2001 Camera processing, Delta L notes

Lens types:-

Type 2011 Angenieux 10 x 18 J3, f2.2, MFD 3ft.

Type 2012 Angenieux type 12 x 50mm. f4.5 MFD 13ft.

Type 2014 Angenieux 18 x 27.5 f2.2, MFD 10ft.

Type 2015 Angenieux 10x18 K31, f2.2, MFD 16 inches.
Type 2016 Rank Taylor Hobson Varotal XVI B, 1.8 x 29, f2, MFD 10ft.

Type 2017 Rank Taylor Hobson Varotal IX B, 4.3 x 43, f2, MFD 6ft.


BBC Research Department report on the Angenieux lens 18 x 27.5 performance.

Circuit Diagrams:-

Aperture Corrector fig. 2, fig. 4, fig. 6, fig. 8 fig. 10, fig. 12, fig 14, fig 15.


Period advert

Press Review:-

The Radio and Electronic Engineer Vol. 39 No. 5. May 1970. Comprehensive review 30 pages.

External links:-
EMI 2001 at Wikipedia
BBC EMI 2001 training video on YouTube
EMI 2001 Lining up process demonstration by ex BBC OB operators.


The EMI 2001 was not an export success. It is thought that just 3 of the IVC versions were sent to the USA, at least 6 to Thomson in France and one standard EMI version to New Zealand, NZBC.

Survivors List:-

A large number of 2001s are known to survive, too many to list.

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