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A short list of early CCD type numbers.

Note that the VERY early sensors did not have much in the way of type numbers, just "the sensor"

Pixel size
Bell Laboratories   From (2) below 160x128  
RCA Laboratories Experimental From (1) below 45x60 1971
RCA Laboratories Experimental From (1) below 128x160 1972
RCA SID 52501 Frame-transfer 320x512  
GEC (6) MA357 14x10mm 625/50 TV 576x (x) 1980/1
EEV P8600      
EEV (5) P85000 series (3) Frame Transfer 525/60 TV (4) 488x385 1986
EEV P86000 series Frame Transfer 625/50 TV 576x385 1986
EEV P87000 X-Y array 125x125 1987
EEV based on P8xxxx Peltier cooled series   1986/7
EEV based on P8xxxx Intensified CCD series   1987
Fairchild CCD201 Datasheet 100x100  
Fairchild CCD211 Datasheet interline-transfer 244x190 1975 databook
Fairchild CCD221 Datasheet 488x380 1981 databook
General Electric Co.     244 x 188 RCA review 1975
Reticon Corporation        

1963, The first report of a CCD imageing device by "Morrison" of Honeywell Inc. (10)


1964, IEEE Proceedings paper by Morton, Mazz & Dym of IBM Corp. "The Scannistor" (10)

1967, Public demonsrration of working system at Wescon exhibition in Los Angeles. (11)

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Design, Fabrication & Performance of 128 x 160 Element CCD Sensor - M.G. Kovac et al. (1)

(5) EEV = English Electric Valve Co. Ltd. UK.
(3) The base number P85xxx was extended according to which specification typically P85121 for the general purpose 2/3" format. plus blemish specification.
(4) "Electronic Engineering" June 1986 p9

(6) GEC Hirst Research Centre, Wembley. Report in Wireless World Jan 1981 p41
"Claimed to be the first commercially available CCD sensor with full 625 line capability"

(10) Ref. SMPTE Feb. 1987 p180. "an overview of CCD technology"

(11) Ref. Wescon Technical Papers, Vol 77 Part 7 Session 13 Aug 1967.



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