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Television Camera Cue Domes

Television Camera Cue Dome

The traditional camera cue dome from the 1960s, red translucent plastic and quite fragile. The three black "Traffolyte" plates could be engraved with the number or have stick on numbers, as these two have. This pattern of cue dome was widely used from the late 1950s to well into the 1970s, with some minor changes.


Cameras that used this type of cue dome:-

Marconi :- MkIV, MkV, MkVI, MkVII, MkVIII and a number of other cameras like the B3200

EMI :- 201, 203, 2001, 2005

Pye, a modified version used on the :- Mk6, Mk7, Mk8 & the Cambridge Staticon 842134

total height = 74mm.

overall diameter of base = 60.5mm.

Skirt width = 2.3mm.
Peg diameter = 6.5mm.

Peg height below base = 10.7mm.

Peg spacing on triangular centers = 39.5mm.

Black rectangles = 42 x 51mm.

Red side between black rectangles = 16mm.

The thickness varies but = 2mm. on the skirt.

Over the years that these were used there were different variants, the important area is the three pegs to fit the holes in the camera. The measurements here are metric but would have been Imperial originally, might work out better in inches??



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